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Why Are My Tires So Noisy?

The drone of tires on pavement can be exhausting during a long commute. You may be wondering, why are some tires SO loud? Tire manufacturers use computer technology when designing tires to help suppress road noise, “tuning” the tread pattern and rubber to keep noise to a minimum. As tires begin to wear and the layer of rubber that meets the road gets thinner, tires will naturally start to get louder (and ride quality will usually suffer as well). Some tires are naturally going to be louder than others right out of the box – many truck tires, for instance, are typically louder than passenger car tires, especially off-road, all-terrain or mud tire designs.

Sometimes things like expansion strips, rain grooves and other irregularities in the pavement are going to cause tires to be louder, as well as differences in pavement surfaces. Driving on a blacktop, for instance, tends to make tires generate more noise than driving on smooth concrete.

If your tires are especially noisy, don’t automatically assume it’s nothing to worry about. Noises could very well be indicators of trouble. Thumping noises from your tires that only get faster and louder as you speed up could be a sign of a tire that has internal problems with the fabric layers or steel belts. If the noise is accompanied by a vibration, it could be a sign that there’s a wheel out of balance. A constant whine or squeal that’s accompanied by a pull to one side could be an indicator of an alignment problem.

Remember, though, that the air chamber in any tire tends to amplify noise and resonate, just like a drum. Remember also that the cheaper the tire, the less attention is paid to noise levels in the design process and the louder that tire is likely to be as you start driving on it.

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Sometimes, what people think is tire noise can be a mechanical problem instead, like a wheel bearing that’s starting to fail, worn ball joints, worn steering or suspension parts or a CV joint that’s worn out. Keep your ears tuned for any tire noises (or any unusual vehicle noises) and be sure to pay attention if they start to get worse. If you suspect you have a tire issue or mechanical problem, the experts at The Tire Terminal can help you get your vehicle back on the road. Give us a call, swing by the shop, or schedule an appointment with us today!