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Tire Repair

If You Have a Flat Tire, Driving on it is the Last Thing You Should Do

It can cause irreparable damage to the tire and wheel. Your tire can become punctured due to road debris such as nails, broken glass, or other sharp objects that can create a tiny fissure that will lead to a slow loss of air pressure.

  • Many times, a small puncture can be repaired without needing to replace the tire.
    Many times, a small puncture can be repaired without needing to replace the tire.

    If you are driving and you get a flat, cautiously ease off the gas and gradually stop on the shoulder of the road. Riding on a flat tire will cause irrevocable damage to the tire.

  • If your tire is not flat but is low on air this situation should also be addressed.
    If your tire is not flat but is low on air this situation should also be addressed.

    You may have a slow leak in your tire. Driving with low pressure could cause loss of traction, poor fuel economy, reduced ride comfort, and impact safety. Driving with low pressure, especially at high speeds, could trigger a blowout, causing loss of control, which may be very harmful.

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The good news_

The good news?

Most leaks can be repaired if they are caught early enough and the tire is not driven on while flat.

Tire repairs start at $25 plus tax and can be done anytime, no appointment is necessary.

Tire Repair Services Will Include

Dismounting and inspection of the tire to determine whether it can be repaired


Flat-tire repair as per industry standards


Proper patching from the inside of the tire if suitable for repair


Rebalancing of tire and wheel assembly


Check tire pressure and reset the tire pressure monitoring system

Why is Flat Repair Important?

A flat tire will cause loss of traction, poor fuel economy, poor comfort, impacted safety, and possible blowout. Driving with a flat tire, especially at high speeds, could trigger a blowout, causing a loss of control, which may be very harmful.

Man in a mechanic's uniform holding an inflated tire inside of a garage

Repair or Replacement?

While most punctures can be easily repaired, unfortunately, not all punctures are repairable, and a replacement tire is needed. Properly repairing a flat tire is very important. A flat tire can be repaired if the puncture is ¼ inch or smaller and if the puncture is located on the tread of a tire. It is recommended that the tire repair procedure involve a plug and a patch on the lining of the tire. A plug and a patch can add thousands of miles more to a damaged tire.

It is safer to replace your tire than to try to repair it if the puncture is on the side of the tire, the area that needs to be repaired overlaps another repair, or the damage is larger the 1/4 inch in diameter.

We Can Repair a Puncture of Slow Leak If

  • The puncture is within the specified tread area
  • Puncture injury cannot be greater than 1/4 inch (6mm) in diameter
  • There is no evidence of a previous repair around the puncture
  • There is no sidewall or shoulder damage to the tire
  • There is no ageing or deterioration of the tire rubber

Tire Repairs in Mississauga, ON

If you have a flat tire, how you get it repaired can make the difference between enjoying many more safe and happy kilometres and getting stranded again. Get it done right the first time with reliable flat tire repair services in Mississauga, ON.

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Nicholas Tessier

I had a flat tire and also a ruined wheel. I texted them, got everything sorted out and was given an accurate and fair quote immediately after a few quick and painless questions (thank you Andrew!) the boys at the front are swell guys, and I paid a low low rate for parts and labour, it was not bad at all. Nothing extra was pushed on me either and they fixed my wheels in what felt like less than 20 minutes. Go with these guys if you got tire problems or whatever else they can do for you, they’re top notch. Highly recommended.

Eddie Sokolowski

Took some tires to here to get mounted and balanced. They had to take off old tires from rims and put new tires on to those rims and install onto my vehicle which they did for an exceptionally low price of 20$/tire…can’t beat that! It took them a little longer than they estimated but other than that I was very pleased with the service and highly recommend this place for tire service.

Krista Gibb

These guys are amazing! Tire terminal is the only place I will deal with my tires going forward. They followed through on everything they promised and more! Super friendly and easy to deal with. I highly recommend them! Andrew and Mike were very helpful. Thanks again!! Very satisfied customer.