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Tire Inflation

Maintaining the proper pressure in your tires is the best way to ensure you get the most out of your tires.

Tire pressures should be checked monthly and adjusted according to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications as listed on the frame of the driver’s side door.

Tire Inflation

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Properly inflated tires lead to the following

Improved fuel mileage Improved fuel mileage
Less chance for irregular uneven tire wear Less chance for irregular/uneven tire wear
Better traction, handling and performance Better traction, handling and performance
Extended tire lifespan Extended tire lifespan
Peace of mind from the added safety of properly inflated tires Peace of mind from the added safety of properly inflated tires
Mechanic's hands filling a tire with dry air

Tires Should be Filled with Dry Air

Air with moisture (like the air we breathe) will cause the pressure in your tires to fluctuate more as the temperature changes. We have specialized equipment to dry air to virtually zero percent humidity resulting in very small pressure changes as the air temperature fluctuates.

Nitrogen Fill Service in Mississauga, ON

We offer Nitrogen Fill Service. Nitrogen is less likely to seep through the walls of a tire than regular air, which provides for more constant air pressure in your tires during changing temperatures. More stable air pressure in your tires can help with the fuel efficiency of your vehicle as well as keep your tires lasting longer (which translates to more money in your pocket at the end of the day).

Cost is $7.50 per tire.

Person checking their tire pressure using a pressure gauge

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Eddie Sokolowski

Took some tires to here to get mounted and balanced. They had to take off old tires from rims and put new tires on to those rims and install onto my vehicle which they did for an exceptionally low price of 20$/tire…can’t beat that! It took them a little longer than they estimated but other than that I was very pleased with the service and highly recommend this place for tire service.

Nael Amer

The business is huge, very professional people and they follow guidelines indeed I can see. The best thing is that you can watch your car on camera while they work on it so I felt comfortable all the time. My rim is very sensetive and it came out without any scratch. I patched my tire today. They are the cheapest among all other tire shops. Thank you Adam for letting me know about the touchless machine and for management. I will recommend this place to anyone who needs tire job on his wheels.

Oscar C

First time visiting The Tire Terminal and I wholeheartedly recommend this place. Process was very straightforward, I booked an appointment through their website, they send you a confirmation with a quote, once they receive the tires (they have a huge inventory) they’ll text you to let you know when to drop by. The guys working there are very nice and help you out with any questions and maybe it was the time of the year (January) but I was in and out in 20 minutes. Best part was I saved $300 over the price at the dealer. Whohoo!