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Do You Have a Flat Tire?

Have you ever experienced a flat tire? If you have you know the signs. Your vehicle will start to shimmy and shake, bounce up and down, and become harder to steer. If you notice any of these things while driving, pull over. You have a flat tire.

Can you drive on a flat tire?

I wouldn’t recommend that you ever drive on a flat tire. At least not any longer than you must. Driving on a flat can damage your wheels, cause alignment issues, mess with your suspension, or even damage the frame of your car. It’s just not worth it!

What to do when you get a flat?

After you notice a flat, get your vehicle off the road as soon as possible. Next, you should examine your tire to see if there is a way for you to fix it. Even a tiny hole can cause a tire to lose air and most of the time you will never figure out what actually caused the hole.

A small hole can easily be fixed with a plug and then patched at your local auto shop. Having a plug kit, jack, fix a flat, and a spare tire is always a good idea. Without at least some of these tools, you will have to call for help if you get a flat tire.

Sometimes tires just give out because they are worn down. You should always inspect your tires to avoid flats. Examine your tire pressure, tread, and side walls for excessive wear and foreign objects. It is far more convenient to find an issue before getting stuck on the side of the road.

Once you get patched up enough to get moving, drive slow and make sure to have your tire examined by a professional. Once a tire is plugged or patched it’s a lot more likely to have issues. If you need help with your tire repair or need someone to examine your patched tire. Visit us at The Tire Terminal. We offer quality tire repairs that will last and would be glad to help you get your tire fixed properly.