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Benefits of All Weather Tires

The tires on our cars are essential safety elements. They are the only contact between the vehicle and the road. Most people do not give much thought to their tires until it is too late, and they need tire repair or new tires. Good brakes, a powerful engine, and a top-notch transmission system will not do much if you do not have the best tires. All-weather tires enable you to drive in all weather conditions. They offer advanced tread patterns for excellent stability and traction and utilize specialized rubber, which allows them to remain flexible in various conditions. If you live in an area with changing weather patterns, investing in all-weather tires is something you should consider. They are specifically designed to grip wet, dry, and snowy roads.

What Are All-Weather Tires?

All-Weather Tires are part of a newer tire category and have a rubber compound that stays pliable in colder conditions. Your driving habits, the winter conditions where you live, and the type of vehicle you own will all come into play when providing a final recommendation about whether all-weather tires are for you. At The Tire Terminal in Mississauga, ON, we have all-eeather tires available from top tire companies like Goodyear, Kelly, and Dunlop. We also offer auto repair, tire services, custom wheels, and commercial tire services.

Why Get All-Weather Tires? 

The type of tires you have on your vehicle plays a significant role in how your vehicle will handle varied road conditions. All-season tires usually have shorter stopping distances in dry weather and may ride or handle better. They offer superior performance on wet roads, ice, slush, and snow. All-Weather tires are ideal for people who live in a milder winter climate. They are modeled to bridge the gap between all-season tires and winter tires. All-weather tires can be used all year long, and like winter tires, they have a three-peak mountain and snowflake symbol, which signifies that the tire meets an industry-defined level of snow traction performance.
Depending on where you live, you can leave all-weather tires on your car year-round. You won’t need to change to full-on snow tires or purchase separate summer tires. By doing so, you will save yourself the expense of having to have an extra set of tires. The all-weather tires act as a great midpoint between winter and summer tires because they feature deeper grooves that allow them to have better grip and durability. You will use one set of tires all year without the need to buy new tires, swap tires, or tire storage service.

Shop for All-Weather Tires Near You

Are you looking for a great all-weather tire to equip your vehicle with? The Tire Terminal in Mississauga, ON, offers a large selection of all-season and all-weather tires to fit your needs and budget. We’re the trusted source for high-quality, new tires near you. Browse from a wide selection of tires from all the top brands in the industry. Browse our tire selection online today. All-Weather tire solutions will give you year-round traction with enhanced grip in the winter months. Shop for new all-weather tires in Mississauga, Brampton & Toronto, ON, today. Schedule an appointment online!