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Winter Tires

Are Winter Tires Really Worth It?

At The Tire Terminal in Mississauga, ON, we hear questions from drivers about winter tires, usually along the lines of “do I even need winter tires in the first place?”

Considering the tough winters that we see in Ontario, our answer is an unequivocal “yes.”

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We thought it would be a good idea to present the pros and cons of winter tires by means of a quick Q and A, especially comparing the benefits of winter tires vs. all-season tires
  • Do I even need winter tires?

    If you’re in Texas, probably not. If you’re in Ontario, then the answer is yes. Anywhere you expect heavy snowfalls and long periods of temperatures below 4 degrees C, winter tires can give you a real advantage in traction, handling and overall safety.

  • What’s the big difference between all-season tires and winter tires?

    All-season tires are designed to be capable in a variety of road conditions, including dry pavement, wet pavement or light snow. When snow or slush gets a little deeper, though, all-season tires are out of their league. The rubber compound of all-season tires will harden in sub-freezing temperatures, leading to reduced grip between the road and the tires. Winter tires use a tread formulation that stays flexible in the cold, for improved traction and braking.

  • I have four-wheel drive. Why do I need winter tires?

    Your four-wheel drive vehicle’s power and torque are only going to be as good as your tires, and if the tires aren’t getting traction then that torque can’t get delivered to the road. Four wheels can spin uselessly just as easily as two…but winter tires all the way around can make a big difference in accelerating, turning and especially braking.

  • Can I get by with just two winter tires, or do I need to buy a whole set?

    Using only a pair of winter tires rather than a set of four is risky at best. It’ll mean two tires that have completely different traction properties, regardless of whether they’re in front or back. This can lead to a vehicle that has “squirrelly” and unpredictable handling and control. We strongly advise using a full set of four winter tires.

  • What’s the difference between the 3PMS (3 Peak Mountain Symbol) and the “M + S” designation stamped on the sidewall?

    This gets a little confusing. The M + S stamp means that an all-season tire meets the rubber industry’s minimum specifications for traction and performance in mud or snow. The 3 Peak Mountain Symbol means that the tire is a true Winter tire and has been approved for “severe snow service”. Bear in mind that these are minimum standards, and the performance of winter tires or all-season tires can vary greatly according to tread design, rubber compounds and other factors.

  • Is it OK to leave winter tires on year-round?

    No. That softer rubber formulation used in winter tires will wear out much more quickly once the temperatures warm up. Tire manufacturers recommend switching back to all-season tires (or the tires of your choice) when temperatures warm up past 7 degrees C.

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Krista Gibb

These guys are amazing! Tire terminal is the only place I will deal with my tires going forward. They followed through on everything they promised and more! Super friendly and easy to deal with. I highly recommend them! Andrew and Mike were very helpful. Thanks again!! Very satisfied customer.

Robert Speck

Excellent place, very fast communication. Had the tires I was looking for at an amazing price. Answered phone instantly, ordered them for next day. They texted me when the tires were ready – came over, had them installed in less than 45 minutes and was on my way. Even helped me load old tires that I needed into bags. Honestly couldn’t be simpler, it is a tire shop that sells tires and does it well. Will recommend to everyone I know.

Ivan Tereshchenko

Best service you can get in GTA. Reasonable prices and great selections of rims and tires. I bought a set of winter tires. After a little while I found out that one of them has a manufacturing defect. Came on Saturday and got it replaced on Monday morning. No questions asked.