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RV Tires

Owning an RV is a Wonderful Thing

You get to have an adventure while being comfortable in your mobile home. In order to get away and see different parts of the country and scenery, you need to have the ability to move. One of the most important factors in having the ability to get away is your RV tires.

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    Take Care of Your RV Tires

    Taking proper care of your RV tires is critical to making sure that you get to your destination and get there safely. Proper maintenance can lead to a long and prosperous life for your RV tires. Your RV tires are not only critical to getting you where you want to be, but they are important to your safety on the road.

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What are the Best RV Tires?

Your tires are responsible for supporting the weight of your vehicle, ride comfort, overall performance, and handling. RV tires are manufactured to support a smooth and quiet ride on your recreational vehicle. You should choose a tire with the right tread pattern for your use, which will depend on the application, terrain, and weather conditions. Purchasing RV tires are one of the most important purchases an RV owner can make. Matching weight and performance needs with the right set of RV tires is our specialty.

How to Choose the Right Tires for Your RV

Look for the Right Tire Designation Look for the Right Tire Designation

RV tires are designated with an ST in front of a series of numbers on the sidewall. They have stiffer sidewalls than a passenger or light truck tire and are designed for extended, non-stop towing. However, some RVs require light truck tires because of greater load-carrying capacity.

Know Your Vehicle_s Weight Know Your Vehicle's Weight

You will need to know the weight of your fully-loaded RV to determine the weight capacity of each tire on the RV. The weight will then determine your RV load ranges, which is identified by a letter, usually B, C, or D. LT rated tires are identified with a D or E. The higher the letter, the more load the tire can carry.

Calculate the Weight of Your Load Calculate the Weight of Your Load

Knowing the load each tire must carry will then determine the load range, size, and tire inflation necessary to support the weight of the RV. It’s now time to shop for tires for your RV.

Shop for RV Tires in Mississauga, Toronto, and Brampton, ON

Our expert technicians at The Tire Terminal will assist you in choosing the right RV tires for your needs. Enjoy a set of new RV tires, and head to your destination knowing you’re getting there on the best RV tires available anywhere. We carry a wide variety of recreational tires for all your on- and off-road adventures. We have all the top brands for you to choose from for all your endeavors.

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Eddie Sokolowski

Took some tires to here to get mounted and balanced. They had to take off old tires from rims and put new tires on to those rims and install onto my vehicle which they did for an exceptionally low price of 20$/tire…can’t beat that! It took them a little longer than they estimated but other than that I was very pleased with the service and highly recommend this place for tire service.

Krista Gibb

These guys are amazing! Tire terminal is the only place I will deal with my tires going forward. They followed through on everything they promised and more! Super friendly and easy to deal with. I highly recommend them! Andrew and Mike were very helpful. Thanks again!! Very satisfied customer.


Guys at the front desk are amazing. Huge store with lots of knowledgeable and professional staff. Highly recommend.