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Tire Installation, Rotation & Balancing

Tire Installation

Tire installation is the process of removing old tires from existing wheels, putting new tires on those same wheels, then bolting onto the axles of the vehicle. Sounds straightforward, but it is definitely easier said than done.

  • Our Team is Fully Trained _ Licensed
    Our Team is Fully Trained & Licensed

    All of our technicians have TIA (Tire Industry Association) training and have their commercial tire installation license. There is a vast number of different wheel assemblies on our roads and our technicians are trained for all of them.


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Tire Balancing

Tire balancing is an important factor in maximizing the money spent on tires and minimizing downtime. An incorrect balance can cause front-end components to wear out prematurely causing breakdowns on the road which is the last thing any trucker wants.

  • Tire Balancing Methods (1)
    Tire Balancing Methods

    There are many different ways to balance tires, and here at the Tire Terminal we offer two different methods. We have the traditional High-Speed Balance and we are also supply balancing beads. There are proven results that balancing beads can provide you with the same comfortable ride that a highspeed balance machine does with the added benefit of extending your tire life up to 10%.

Tire Rotation

Rotation of your truck tires is an essential part of keeping your truck safe and efficient. Regular rotation of your tires will minimize your cost per mile while maximizing the life on your existing tires. Tire rotation is highly recommended for anyone who is trying to get the most out of their dollar spent.

  • More Reasons to Rotate Your Tires
    More Reasons to Rotate Your Tires

    Tires can wear irregularly for various reasons, whether it be alignment issues, load distributions or specific tire positions causing issues from a worn suspension. A good way to fight that irregular wear is ensuring each one of your tires goes through each wheel position.

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Nael Amer

The business is huge, very professional people and they follow guidelines indeed I can see. The best thing is that you can watch your car on camera while they work on it so I felt comfortable all the time. My rim is very sensetive and it came out without any scratch. I patched my tire today. They are the cheapest among all other tire shops. Thank you Adam for letting me know about the touchless machine and for management. I will recommend this place to anyone who needs tire job on his wheels.


Guys at the front desk are amazing. Huge store with lots of knowledgeable and professional staff. Highly recommend.

Ivan Tereshchenko

Best service you can get in GTA. Reasonable prices and great selections of rims and tires. I bought a set of winter tires. After a little while I found out that one of them has a manufacturing defect. Came on Saturday and got it replaced on Monday morning. No questions asked.