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Wheel Refurbishing

Wheel Refinishing for Your Commercial Wheels

By applying a powder coating to your rims, it makes your old rusty wheels look brand new. The most common colour the wheels get painted is white, but we do offer custom colours as well. Every rim goes through a pre-inspection for hairline cracks and elongated or worn bolt holes before it gets painted to ensure they are safe for the road. If there is any issue with the rims, they will not go back into service.


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Why refurbish my wheels_

Why refurbish my wheels?

The main benefit of refurbishing your wheels is to extend their life. By refurbishing your wheels you can prevent rust build-up or pitting of the steel which would cause the rim to be unsafe. An uneven surface on the back of the wheel could cause a gap between the brake drum and the rim which could cause a wheel to come loose. The same could be said about the face of a wheel where the nut clamps. An uneven surface would not produce the proper clamping force needed to secure the wheel. Refurbishing prevents these issues and is cost-effective.

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Eddie Sokolowski

Took some tires to here to get mounted and balanced. They had to take off old tires from rims and put new tires on to those rims and install onto my vehicle which they did for an exceptionally low price of 20$/tire…can’t beat that! It took them a little longer than they estimated but other than that I was very pleased with the service and highly recommend this place for tire service.

Claro Dandal

I’ve been visiting Tire Terminal since 2017. I highly recommend their services to friends and family. They are professional and quick to service my car. Other places you would end up waiting minimum 2 hours just for a seasonal/winter tire swap. This place gets it done in a Jiffy. Also, they offered the best winter tire/Rim set out there. As everyone knows winter tires are not cheap. This place gives you the best price for your dollar. I wish I had known this place earlier, because other tire places your pretty much wasting your time and money. Once again thank you to all of the staff, for your kind and professional can do attitude and efforts.

Krista Gibb

These guys are amazing! Tire terminal is the only place I will deal with my tires going forward. They followed through on everything they promised and more! Super friendly and easy to deal with. I highly recommend them! Andrew and Mike were very helpful. Thanks again!! Very satisfied customer.