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Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max

Everyone is going green and thinking about fuel economy lately. Carmakers are cutting weight and enhancing aerodynamics and drivetrains on their vehicles to meet standards, and tire companies are designing tires with low rolling resistance to squeeze a little more fuel economy out of them. At The Tire Terminal in
Toronto and Mississauga, ON, we’re excited to announce that we carry Goodyear’s Assurance FuelMax line of tires for cars, minivans, SUVs, crossovers and light trucks.
The Assurance Fuel Max represents a great value for drivers who need a Passenger All-Season tire…affordable and long-wearing, with low noise, good road manners and excellent handling. The Assurance Fuel Max is designed with innovations such as:
  • Silica-rich all-season tread compound (originally designed for tractor-trailer tires and exclusive to Goodyear) cuts rolling resistance by 27 percent
  • Unique tread design features inboard and outboard Dry Tread Zones, with a Wet Tread Zone at the center
  • Tread pattern includes Dual Aquachannel grooves to move water away from the tire footprint and enhance wet-weather grip, and zigzag microgrooves for traction in wintry conditions
  • Continuous notched center rib and circumferential shoulder grooves for straight-line stability
In addition, the Goodyear Assurance FuelMax is designed with two steel belts on top of a polyester casing for long service life and ride quality. The Assurance FuelMax comes with a 104,607 km limited tread life warranty…and estimates show that over the life of the tires, low rolling resistance can save nearly 4200 km worth of fuel. The end result is a quiet, responsive tire with excellent road manners and all-season traction…and, of course, enhanced fuel efficieny.
As with all our tires at The Tire Terminal, the Assurance FuelMax is available in a wide range of sizes for various fitments…and as with all our tires, we stand behind the sale with free rotations and warranty coverage for the life of the tire. Schedule an appointment today!