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Top Maintenance Items for Spring

With winter almost behind us, it’s time to start thinking about getting our vehicles ready for spring. At The Tire Terminal in Mississauga, ON we offer a variety of automotive services that can transition your vehicle from snow showers to sunny days.


There are several fluids that you need to have checked as the temperatures rise. None is more important than your engine oil. With warmer weather, the velocity in your engine oil can be compromised. Make sure that your oil is changed and the appropriate oil grade is used.

Your steering and suspension can take a lot of abuse on winter roads. Sliding, hard breaking, and trekking through snow can get your vehicle out of whack. The steering and suspension system needs to be inspected yearly, and perhaps more often depending on driving conditions. The more preventative maintenance you have done today the less likely you are to have expensive auto repairs tomorrow. When you feel the first signs of steering or suspension problem, have our mechanics at The Tire Terminal evaluate your vehicle to fix the problem quickly.

Along with taking care of your suspension, you should also have your brakes serviced for spring. Brakes are the most neglected part of your vehicle. We often don’t know there is a problem until they fail. Riding your brakes on icy roads, braking for sliding vehicles, and just cold temperatures play havoc on your brake pads. Don’t wait for a failure, have your brakes checked and given a clean bill of health for spring.

The technicians at The Tire Terminal can check your tires while we check your brakes. Fluctuations in temperatures can greatly affect your PSI. To much pressure can cause blowouts and punctures. Too little pressure can result in lower gas mileage or loss of control.

The easiest way you can get your vehicle ready for spring is to bring it in for a quick, affordable inspection at The Tire Terminal. We offer every service that you need to get your vehicle safe for spring. Visit us in Mississauga, ON today or schedule your appointment now.