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The End Of The Drive Clean Program

April 1, 2019 – The Ontario Drive Clean program has come to an end.

The program is no longer mandatory for drivers in Ontario; auto industry standards have significantly improved since the program was created in 1999, challenging the necessity of the program.

Keep ensuring your vehicle’s emissions systems are operating properly to help you having more costly repairs and most importantly, protect our environment.

Owners of vehicles will still be required to make sure their vehicle emissions systems are operating properly. This means maintenance and repairs are still necessary and will help to avoid more costly repairs. To support this program change, the ministry will be strengthening its on-road inspections to ensure owners are properly maintaining their vehicle emissions.

A new HD Drive Clean program will focus on the biggest polluting vehicles like commercial transport trucks and will ensure that Ontario continues to lead Canada in reducing harmful smog-causing pollutants.

To learn more about the end of the Ontario Drive Clean Program, visit the Government of Ontario’s Website.