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How Can I Tell if I Need New Brakes?

Your vehicle has several safety components, but your brakes are definitely one of the most important ones. The brake system must be properly maintained for effectiveness and safety. Most vehicle services such as oil changes and wheel alignments are odometer driven, but brake service can range widely. The average car will require new brakes at least a couple of times throughout its lifetime. New brakes may be needed in as few as 20,000 miles or as long as 70,000 miles depending on vehicle type, driving conditions, and driving habits. It is important to know what signs to look for and what sounds to listen for in your car to know when to get brake repair service.
If you let your brakes pad go too long, you can end up with a vehicle that’s unsafe to drive and needing more work than just the pads. At The Tire Terminal, the safety of you and your passengers is important to us. We offer quality, affordable brake service in Mississauga, ON, and surrounding areas. Keep your eyes and ears open for the following warning signs.

Warning Signs You Need New Brakes 

Low Responsiveness 
When you press your foot on the brakes pedal, your vehicle should slow down and come to a stop. If your brakes are slow to respond, the brake pedal feels loose, and it pushes to the floor too easily, there may be an issue with the vehicle’s brake line. This happens when brake fluid is low, and it can be a sign that there’s a leak somewhere that should be addressed as soon as possible.
Grinding Sound 
A grinding sound from the brakes of a car means the pads have worn down, and they are beyond replacement. The metal brake disc and metal caliper wear out and rub together, causing this horrid noise. Brake grinding is always a serious problem and should be dealt with immediately.
Braking Vibration
If you experience a vibration through the steering wheel starting at 45 to 50 miles per hour, that gets worse the faster you go, this can be a signal that the vehicle’s rotors have become warped. Warped rotors are caused by harsh braking conditions that put prolonged and excess friction on the braking system. When the brake discs are unevenly worn, the brake pads come in contact with the flat spots present in the rotor’s surface, which causes the vibration.

Quality Brake Service at The Tire Terminal in Mississauga, ON

The brake system is one of the vehicle’s most important components. Regular maintenance and being aware of the signals indicating service is needed will help prevent further problems. Overlooking an issue can lead to very costly repairs, so have your brakes serviced as soon as an issue is noticed. Signs or symptoms of bad brakes, like unusual squealing or grinding noises, should be inspected immediately. The certified experts at The Tire Terminal are specially trained to maintain, repair, and replace your brake system. We provide you with quality and affordable auto repair and tire services in Mississauga, ON. Contact us or schedule an appointment for a brake inspection today!