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Another Tough Winter Is Behind Us!

The winter of 2015/16 is now history, and everyone’s glad for that! Now that it’s spring, there’s probably a few things on your car that could use your attention:

Wash and Wax: A fresh coat of wax does more than just make your car look good. It protects your car’s finish and body against salt, road grit and chemicals, all of which can be a starting point for body rust. Wax should be done quarterly, using a good-quality paste or liquid wax.

Tires: Even good, fairly-new tires will lose air over time, as it migrates through the valve stem and the tire walls. Since air expands when hot and contracts when cold, your tire inflation can fluctuate according to temperature. Remember to check inflation when tires are cold, and go by the tire information placard on the door for proper inflation levels. Also…tires need to be rotated at 5-6,000 mile intervals for proper wear. When was your last tire rotation?

Coolant: Your car’s coolant does more than protect against freezeups in the winter – it also prevents the radiator and cooling system from boiling over in hot weather. Coolant, a mix of distilled water and antifreeze, contains anti-corrosion agents that help prevent the buildup of scale in your radiator, water pump and heater core. Still, coolant needs to be changed at regular intervals, along with a pressure test of the entire cooling system to check for weak spots. When was the last time your coolant was flushed?

If you go into the summer months with a car that’s well-prepped for hot weather, you’ll be a lot happier…and so will your car. Make an appointment with us at The Tire Terminal and let us make sure your car’s out of the winter doldrums and ready for some spring and summer fun!