Performance Tires in Mississauga, ON

If you’ve got a sedan, minivan, SUV or crossover, there are so many choices for tires out there that it can be downright confusing. Some drivers want a little more out of their vehicles, though, and for spirited driving styles, performance tires can be a great fit. At the Tire Terminal, we offer a selection of performance tires, and are more than happy to help you pick out the right performance tire for your budget. 

What You Need To Know About Performance Tires

Performance tires are designed to get a car around the corners quicker, with truly phenomenal grip. The key to that kind of cornering ability is in the tread compound – performance tires use a softer, “stickier” tread formulation that offers traction properties that all-season tires can’t begin to match. Along with better traction, you’ll see improvements such as:
  • Better braking performance
  • Better steering response
  • Better interaction with modern traction control, vehicle stability, and ABS systems
  • Higher speed ratings
  • Great performance on wet pavement
Performance Tires in Mississauga, ONIf you’re considering performance tires for your car, minivan, SUV or crossover, here’s one important caveat to bear in mind. The softer tread compounds of performance tires are derived from racing tires and deliver excellent traction, but they also tend to harden and stiffen up at lower temperatures. Like their close counterparts “summer tires,” performance tires shouldn’t be used when temperatures are below 40 degrees F, or 4-5 degrees Celsius. Lower temperatures drastically reduce their traction and effectiveness.
It’s also important to remember that the softer, stickier tires will wear faster, compared to touring tires. Expect as much as 20,000 fewer miles from performance tires – some don’t even offer a treadwear warranty at all.
Are you considering performance tires for your vehicle? We’re glad you came to us at The Tire Terminal in Mississauga, ON! We’re a proud member of the Goodyear family of dealers, and offer a great selection of Goodyear, Kelly and Dunlop performance tires for a wide range of vehicles, at a price point that’s right for you. Set up an appointment with us and let us make you a great price on a set of performance tires for your vehicle! 

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