All-Terrain Tires in Mississauga, ON

We know that when you’re shopping for all-terrain tires in Mississauga, ON, you have a lot of options to choose from. At The Tire Terminal, we offer an excellent selection of all-terrain tires to help you adapt to the change of seasons, with unmatched service and prices you can’t beat anywhere.

All Terrain Tires Mississauga ON

What You Need To Know About All-Terrain Tires

If you’ve got a truck, Jeep or SUV, chances are you might want to take that vehicle off the road now and again. If you do, the right set of tires are absolutely essential.
Mostly found on trucks and SUVs, all-terrain tires feature the enhanced traction and open-tread blocky style of an off-road tire while still offering the road manners, noise suppression and grip of a highway tire. This versatility is what makes all-terrain tires a great choice for a wide variety of road and off-road conditions. All-terrain tires will typically feature:

  • A “high-void” tread pattern with open grooves between tread elements that help eject mud and stones, leaving a clear patch of rubber for traction as the tire rolls
  • Reinforced sidewalls for resistance to tears, gouges and punctures
  • A reinforced bead for a positive seal with the rim
  • Extra layers of protection in the form of reinforced belts and fabric plies in the tread area

Many are designed with innovations like chamfers in the tread elements, improving the wear pattern of the tire and cutting the potential for uneven wear. In addition, many are branded with the industry’s M + S symbol, denoting their performance abilities in winter weather and mud.

All-terrain tires are a great pick for all-around driving thanks to their compatibility with highway miles. However, the blocky tread and open tread pattern does tend to make all-terrain tires a little noisier than the all-season or touring tires you might be used to on your car. Still, the aggressive look is a great addition to any truck or SUV, and the added traction makes them equally suited for mud, gravel, snow or many other conditions (short of all-out four-wheeling action!)

During your tire-buying process, you might want to keep in mind  that many all-terrain tires use a softer rubber formulation than street tires, and as a result may have a shorter warranty period and may wear out faster than street tires. We invite you to either make an appointment or check out our website’s shopping tools to get a look at the all-terrain tires we have here at The Tire Terminal! 

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