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on 5/25/17
Hello, I called Sunny about a cocern I had on our last work. My daughters suv was in to have winter rims tires switched to summer. The next morning my daughter got oinyo the highway and felt a vibration and rumble, luckily she knew enough to get off and she went to the mechanic we had used for 20 years before comuing to you guys since he was close. her front drivers side wheel was loose. all lug nuts were finger tight and two were not even snug to the rim. he fixed for her and checked the rest. this could have been so much worse than it was. you fuys should have a system where two different techs need to confirm wheels are tight and sign off on them. thats what we do at work, switzer carty transportation, you provide our school bus company with tires and realted mattersI told Sunny I was not angry, but a better safety check should be done. Thanks
on 11/30/16
The email quote back and forth was excellent. What was not excellent...paying $330 for two tires and waiting 2 hours to have them installed (yes, I had an appointment). Also, there was an additional charge of $15, and minimum expectation would be to find me In their waiting room and tell me before reaching the checkout.