Winter’s on its way, and you’ll be wanting to put winter tires on your vehicle soon. Do you know the best way to store those all-season tires until spring?Winter Tires in Mississauga ON

--Don’t stack your tires…it’s not good for them. They should be standing straight up.

--Don’t apply a tire dressing to each tire. It’s not needed.

--Ozone is bad for the rubber compound in tires; don’t store your tires near electric motors such as the furnace blower or sump pump.

--Store each tire in a garbage bag or specially-designed tire storage bag. Better yet, use the type of storage bags that can be vacuum-sealed using a wet-dry vac. That way, each tire is sealed in its own mini-atmosphere for the winter months.

--Brush off any brake dust, dirt or road grime before storing the tires. Use soap and water with a tire brush, and dry the tires thoroughly with a towel. If the tires are still mounted on rims, use a wheel brush and clean the rims as well.

--Store tires out of direct sunlight. UV rays and radiant heat are harmful to the tires’ rubber compound.

--If you’ve got whitewall or white-letter tires, remember to store them black-surface to black-surface. Storing the black surface against the white letters can result in blemishes to the white material.

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