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The Tire Terminal is hosting an open house on May 12 & 13

Come Celebrate With Us! Speak directly with representatives from Goodyear, Bridgestone, Hankook, Aeolus and more! We've got prices and food for all our customers. The Tire Terminal invites you to their open house on May 12 & 13. `
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A Brief History of the Automobile Tire

Tires have come a long, long way even since the radial tires of the 1990s. Here’s a brief timeline of major innovations in tire design. `
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Shop Michelin Tires in Mississauga, ON

Michelin Tires in Mississauga, ONAt The Tire Terminal, we sell a lot of Michelin tires in Mississauga, ON, and for good reason. Michelin has long been an innovator and industry leader; you can find Michelins on everything from bicycles and motorcycles to aircraft and even the Space Shuttle!

Michelin has been in operation since 1889, when they got their start with bicycle tires. Over the years, Michelin soon moved into tires for cycle racing and and automotive tires; by the 1930s, Michelin purchased automaker Citroen. Over the years, Michelin pioneered the tire industry with innovations like the first run-flat tire (1934) and the first radial tire (1946). Today, Michelin is the biggest tire manufacturer in the world, after years lagging behind Bridgestone; they now own Uniroyal and B.F. Goodrich and operate factories in North Carolina ...

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2015's Hottest Goodyear Products

Goodyear Tires in Mississauga, ONFor drivers in Mississauga, ON, we’re excited to announce we’ll be carrying these great new products from the Goodyear family:
Kelly Edge Powerline -- Most drivers in Mississauga, ON have found that all-season tires are a perfect choice for their needs, and Kelly is answering those needs with the Edge Powerline series of tires. The Edge A/S is a perfect choice for sedans, SUVs and crossovers, with biting tread block edges for year-round traction, broad tread grooves to move water away from the tire’s contact patch and robust tread blocks for a uniform footprint. The Edge AT is the light-truck version, with flared block edges for off-road traction and a proven tread compound that enhances wet-weather traction while holding up for off-road use. 
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