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Signs of Low Tire Pressure

Tires in Mississauga, ONOne question we hear periodically from drivers is, “How do I tell if I need to put air in my tires?”

Older tires would typically bulge and distort at the bottom when they were low on air; not so with modern tire designs and sidewall construction. A modern tire may not appear to be low on air until it’s down 10 or 15 pounds per square inch (psi), which is notably underinflated.

One fairly sure indicator that you have underinflated tires is a change in your car’s ride, handling and drivability. If the underinflated tires are on the front wheels, you’ll notice a definite clumsiness or ‘heaviness’ to your car’s handling that doesn’t feel normal. An underinflated tire on one side or the other in front will also force your car to pull to one side.

Th ...

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All-Season Tires vs. Summer Tires

Tires in Mississauga, Ontario

All-Season Tires in Mississauga, Ontario

We survived another tough winter in Canada, but now spring is in the air, the trees are blooming and the birds are singing!  
That means it’s a perfect time to talk about switching from your winter tires to summer or all-season tires at The Tire Terminal in Mississauga, Ontario. 
Winter tires are purpose-built for harsh winter conditions; even though they’re a far cry from the heavy, clunky “snow tires” of a generation ago, they’re still designed to be used in temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter tires feature deep tread patterns to enhance grip on snow and slush, and are designed to stay flexible at low temperatures. The sipes in winter tires provide extra grip in d ...
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Website Redesign for Improved Customer Service

The Tire Terminal, leader in commercial and passenger tire sales in the GTA, launched its new website at The new customer-friendly website features online tire quotes, customer reviews, and a sleek new design. With streamlined search tools as well as blogs, auto repair coupons, tire rebates and information on services, the website offers features that puts the customer into the driver’s seat.
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Website Launch Announcement: The Tire Terminal Launches New Site

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website. The site features a fresh look, easy navigation and more focus on what the customer needs.

The new site offers inventory listings with pictures and specs. You can search a variety of ways including by vehicle and size.

With the addition of our blog, we are able to help inform and educate our customers on important tire and service information.

We invite you to visit our new website today.

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